Profile: DJ-Xplict

DJ Xplict

Pseudonym: DJ-Xplict

Remix: the Blue Album

Age: 17

Location: Charlotte, NC

Top 5 list artists?: 1.Nas 2.Jay-Z 3.Biggie 4.2pac 5.Eminem

Fave remix: my Jay-Z Moment of Clarity remix.

Initial reaction to Grey Album/ EMI deal: Man, when I first heard the Grey Album I was like woah.. I know I can't top that but..I'm doin my own thing..much respect to DANGERMOUSE

What should people know about remix/mashups?: Expect something unique from the regualar song

What public misconception can you clear up?: Jay-Z and Nas wouldn't make a good team cause they sure would.

Why do you do what you do?: What I'm doing now..remixing Jay-Z and Nas stuff.

What software/hardware tools do you use? : Secret/Album Cover (Adobe Photoshop 7.0).

Do you use filesharing?: Who doesn't?

Have you received a ceast+desist?: Don't know what that is.

What would be an ideal change to present law? : Legalizing Marijuana?//Lower Driving Age?

How would you rearrange the music industry?: Put me in it//Take out Da Band.

How has the internet affected what you do? : Open me up to new ideas.

What are the benefits of staying underground v. getting on big

records?: Underground = Practice and street credit//Getting Big=money/television exposure.

Does staying under the radar give you greater freedom with what source materials you use?: Of course.

Have you been in contact with any artists you've remixed?: Nope.

Fave drink?: DR.Perky (Fake Food Lion Dr.Pepper.)

What else do you do?: Album Covers for other DJ's.

De la Soul v. Tribe Called Quest? why?: A Tribe Called Quest (They saved me from suicide =/..)

Who's the king of ny?: Somebody who has (Biggie/Jay-Z/Nas) combined into 1 man if not that person it has to be ME!

Shoutouts?: DJ Cannibus/DJ Young One/Walshy Killa + Dolla Cham/King Raj at AUDIOMAXXX.COM/Mz Agony/Sir Lance Alot/DJ Cote/3xgp/Suppa Kid/every one on my MSN and AOL buddy list lol/Niko Star/ and all those friends and enemies that have crossed my path.

What's next?: At the end of this year im gonna bring Jay-Z back when u least expect it/XPLICT/CANNIBUS - "ALLIANCE" some time 2004/ GO drink some DR.PERKY!!//2 REGGAE CDS.

What's your ringtone?: Give me some money so i can buy a cell..Nokia 3595 with AOL buddy list.

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16 April 2004