Profile: Illmind

Illmind blur.

Pseudonym: Illmind

Remix: the Black & Tan Album

Age: 23

Location: NJ

Affiliation (groups, labels, etc): Beatfanatics, Wax Reform, Beatsociety

Fave remix: 9th Wonder - Dirt Off Your Shoulders

Essential record in your crate: I.N.I. - Center Of Attention (autographed by Pete Rock)

Initial reaction to Grey Album/ EMI deal: That sucks, but then again, there's no such thing as bad publicity, so maybe thats good.

What public misconception can you clear up? That I did my remix album to compete. I did my remix album strictly for fun, sat down, and banged it out in a week and a half.

What software/hardware tools do you use? ASR-10, Emulator II, Akai s20, Akai s1000, Boss sp-303, Lexicon mpx110, Akai Reel To Reel 4000D, Mac, Digi 001 Protools LE

Do you use filesharing? Sure

Have you received a ceast+desist? No

How has the internet affected what you do? The internet has done nothing but help me. I don't think anybody would have heard my Jay-Z remixes without it, because all i did was post it up for people to download.

What are the benefits of staying underground v. getting on big records? One advantage is artistic control, unless you're somebody who is content with only fuckin with underground heads. The commercial world can try to jerk you, but when you're making all that money, of course there's a catch. There's a lot more to it, but we'll be here forever debating it.

Have you been in contact with any artists you've remixed? Not exactly, no.

Fave drink? Yuengling, Black & Tan.

De la Soul v. Tribe Called Quest? why? Fuck that, BOTH. I can't pick one.

What's next? Visit to find out more!!

Shoutouts? Thanks to all who took the time to download and listen to my Jay-z remixes. Thanks to jayzconstructionset for conducting this interview, and EVERYONE who's supported Illmind since day one. Stay tuned for more ya'll! This is only the beginning...

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16 April 2004