Profile: J-Hen, 219 Productions, Inc.

J-Hen, 219 Productions, Inc.

Pseudonym: J-Hen

Remix: the Black Album Encored

Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Affiliation (groups, labels, etc): 219 Productions, Inc.

Top 5 list: Kev Brown, 9th Wonder, Kno, Danger Mouse, Mine

Fave remix: Mine

Essential record in your crate: Tribe Called Quest "Check The Rhyme"

Initial reaction to Grey Album/ EMI deal: Damn thats crazy!

What should people know about remix/mashups? Its great for promotion

What public misconception can you clear up? I graduated with honors from Morehouse College!!

Why do you do what you do? For the love of music

What software/hardware tools do you use? ASR-10, Pro-Tools, Reason

Do you use filesharing? Yes

Have you received a ceast+desist? No

How has the internet affected what you do? Its given my a world of knowledge about music in general

Does staying under the radar give you greater freedom with what source materials you use? Yes

Do you perform live? My artists do

Have you been in contact with any artists you've remixed? Yes

Fave drink? Long Island

De la Soul v. Tribe Called Quest? why? Tribe - their style

Who's the king of NY? Jay-Z

Shoutouts? MY 219 CREW (, my girl Kristen

What's next? My Artist Eclipse, Lloyd Banks Solo, 213 Album, Nate Dogg Album, others

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16 April 2004