Profile: MCscottD


Pseudonym: MCscottD

Remix: the Black Album (Hot Buttered Soul Remix)

Age: 21

Location: Seattle

Affiliation (groups, labels, etc): 5208, Omicron Delta Beta, Beta Epsilon, Epsilion Rho

Top 5 list:

Essential record in your crate: Easy Rider Soundtrack

Initial reaction to Grey Album/ EMI deal: hilarious

What public misconception can you clear up? I DO NOT RAP

Why do you do what you do? Cause nothing is more fun than laying down a wicked fresh beat.

What software/hardware tools do you use? An outdated version of Acid Pro.

Do you use filesharing? Of course.

Have you received a ceast+desist? Nope

What would be an ideal change to present law? I plead the FIF.

How would you rearrange the music industry? Destroy Clear Channel.

How has the internet affected what you do? It definetly has, if it wasn't for the internet and file sharing I wouldn't have anyone hearing my stuff.

What are the benefits of staying underground v. getting on big records? Nothing, if you stay true than you should be able to keep your credibility to your fans when you go big.

Does staying under the radar give you greater freedom with what source materials you use? Oh yes, its called sampling freedom, if they dont know you exist than your sample usage is endless.

Fave drink? 24oz of Steel Fucking Reserve.

What else do you do? I play Lacrosse, I Surf, I go to school at UW.

De la Soul v. Tribe Called Quest? why? Tribe, no questions asked even though Q-tip is kinda feminine now, 3 Words - LOW END THEORY.

Who's the king of NY? I didn't know that they replaced the mayor with an aristocracy?

Shoutouts? MY WHOLE 5208 HOUSE, BECCA LOGAN, Young SAMSON + Weezo - the two dudes who got me into this whole thing and have encouraged me to do what I do.

What's next? Doin beats, gettin people to hear my beats and start laying down tracks for other artists. Check this site: to find the latest.

How does the threat of lawsuits impact your future plans? I dont care about that stuff, the music always speaks for itself and if its good enough people will listen anyway. Money is always second to fanbase.

What's your ringtone? I think clever ringtones are the most annoying thing on the planet.

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16 April 2004